T-Shirt Buyer’s Guide

So, what makes a perfect tee?

It’s a perfect fit — it’s tailored to each person’s body type and preferences. Due to the limitations of traditional sizing systems, this is difficult to come by.

Color retention: After a few washes, most hanfu shirt loses their color.

Due to the usage of low-quality materials in commercially produced t-shirts, shape durability is another issue.

The typical fashion business strategy leaves two options: low-cost, low-quality goods, or high-priced luxury labels.

SANVT is able to overcome these frequent flaws of traditional fashion labels because to its direct sales model, unique sizing system, and usage of premium materials.

Fit, price, and quality are the most important factors.

We asked men and women from all over the world what it takes to make the perfect T-Shirt during our hunt. It’s unsurprising that design expectations are heavily influenced by personal preferences: some people love color, some prefer print, and still others prefer a clean and minimalist style with a strong concentration on white, black, and grey. When we asked for objective T-Shirt features, we found a lot of similarities, despite the fact that T-Shirt tastes vary. In general, the Perfect T-desired Shirt’s characteristics can be divided into three categories:

Fit \sQuality \sPrice

When it comes to finding the perfect T-Shirt, fit is the most important factor to consider. Ironically, most T-Shirts appear to fall short when it comes to genuine fit. Finding a well-fitting tee is a common problem. Most shirts are either too short or too long around the waist, or they are at the sweet spot in length but too wide around the top.

People are made like identical androids in only five sizes, according to the fashion industry’s size system. The typical size ranges of extra-small (XS) to extra-large (XL) don’t accommodate for different body shapes in the middle. We seek to challenge the current quo at SANVT. Our customers can adjust length and breadth separately in addition to the standard widths. The perfect T-Shirt from SANVT will be available in a variety of width/length combinations based on consumer feedback to ensure the best possible fit for practically any body shape or style preference.


You respect quality in your clothing as a consumer. Our research revealed a longing for the days when clothes were made to last and be treasured. But, for the most part, what does excellence imply? What happens to clothes nowadays after a few washes?

After only a few washes, colors fade quickly, converting red to pink and pearl white to an unsightly grey.

When the perfectly fitting garment starts bulging in all the wrong places, you’ve lost shape. It takes very little to cause the stitching on low-quality clothing to become misaligned.

When your M transforms into a S after just one wash, and you haven’t even begun to stick to your New Year’s fitness commitment.

Pilling is a term used to describe the irritating tiny cotton balls that form on the surface of clothes. Excessive pilling causes the garment to thin in sections over time, eventually resulting in holes.

These are the concerns that the ideal T-Shirt from SANVT addresses. Our T-Shirts are produced from 100% extra-long staple cotton, which is the secret ingredient that makes them one of the softest on the market. The fabric is constructed of tougher fibers that resist pilling while maintaining the shape of the T-Shirt. Additionally, the quality raw material aids in the dying process by absorbing color more effectively, producing in richer, longer-lasting colours. All of our T-shirts are handcrafted in Europe by skilled women and men. Their extensive experience and meticulous attention to detail ensure that seams and stitch lines remain in perfect condition wash after wash. Because all 100 percent cotton products shrink the first time they are washed, all of our clothing are pre-washed to minimize shrinkage and avoid any surprises after the first wash.


Price is still a key consideration in a basic product like a T-Shirt. Consumers want actual value for their money, not cheap, disposable crap or pricey brands. In the traditional fashion world, you usually only have two choices: low pricing and low quality on the main street, or luxury labels at costs that make you wonder if you can afford them. In any case, you’re getting a fantastic deal.