Video Baby Monitors Are Taking Over the Audio Monitors market

Nowadays, parents are trying to find different ways to be close to their children, even if they have to go to work or to do chores around the house. A solution for this issue is purchasing a baby monitor. We asked a few experts on this topic, and received some very useful information from Baby Monitor Ninja, the site that reviews the baby monitors and highlights the best baby monitor.

Video and audio baby monitors make it possible for a parent to be next to the baby, without actually being present in the same room with the child.

Both of these gadgets give parents the opportunity to look after their children any time of the day or night and be less concerned with the fact that their babies might be in danger and in need of their help. Even so, year, video baby monitors are becoming more popular among parents, topping the audio concepts because they find the video concept more useful than the audio-only devices. Video monitors present a bigger list of advantages than the other version, advantages for parents and children as well.

The first advantage that a video monitor brings is that a parent will be able to visually check on the baby, observing his or her movements, while the audio monitor only shares the sounds a child produces, without offering any more details regarding the reason the baby cried or laughed. The more details a parent can get regarding his or her baby, the better it will be. Having the chance to see the baby properly is something parents appreciate in a high manner because they are able to notice everything the baby does, always being there for their little loved one and not missing any smile that blossoms on the child’s face.

Moreover, a video monitor helps parents to avoid suffering from major sleep depriving, not being necessary to always go inside the baby’s room for a peek. In this way, the baby will not be woken up either, having the chance to sleep better without being disturbed.

Video Monitors are very useful especially if the child has various health problems, constantly informing parents about the baby’s actions, needs and condition. If the baby will be threatened with any kind of danger, the video baby monitor will notice the parent, who can rapidly walk in and intervene to help the baby.

Both monitors are equipped with complex sound systems. The video monitor has a special option which allows a parent to select the audio mode or video mode to function separately or simultaneously, depending on a personal choice.

Video monitors offer more than representative images with the baby. Most of them include many features, such as: tilt-and-zoom, LED noise alerts, room temperature display and remote pan.

This type of monitor has an option which permits conserving a battery’s energy (process that takes place when the monitor is in the sleeping mode) making it last longer before shutting down. Other video baby monitors include rechargeable batteries. A video baby monitor’s battery can work from 6 to 8 hours without any interruptions.

In addition to this, video monitors are equipped with night vision. Some monitors have a better image quality during the day and less pleasing during the night time. Even so, checking on the baby during the night is very important, so, for a parent to feel at ease and be assured that the baby is safe anytime, a video monitor with night vision which has a high resolution is definitely a necessity.  Some video monitors include a night vision which automatically activates whenever the light level is low.

Video monitors have (in general) a range of 400 to 500 feet. Passing this distance will interrupt the transmission. Obstructions such as thick walls can disturb the connection between the stations, making its properties less effective.

Talk-back communication is also included in the video monitor’s features. Since children calm down when hearing a parent’s voice, this feature is also very benefic.