Roblox: Adopt me! Guide for Beginners

What can you do to adopt me?

You start the game with a brief tutorial. Next, you will need to complete some tasks to hatch your egg and obtain your first pet. It leaves you to figure it out yourself. This is Adopt Me’s beginner guide for further information go to website.

There are many things you can do in this game. But the most important activities are those that the game supports.

  • Collecting pets.
  • Collecting toys and other items.
  • Playing with your toys and items.
  • Trade pets and other items with other players
  • A bigger house.
  • Decorate your home.

You can add additional activities to the game, such as hiding and seeking or role-playing a whole family. Let’s look closer at the main activities.

These are the basics to get you started

Your Backpack

This was the first problem my daughters had. Your backpack contains all your pets and items. To open it, press the backpack symbol at your screen’s bottom.

Adopt me! Your backpack All your belongings are included in the backpack.

You can choose your pets from the backpack to keep them active or play with your toys. The backpack can also be used to switch between toys and pets.

How to get money

You need money to do certain things in the game. This is explained in my Adopt Me! guide. You must complete the tasks to earn money. You must either have your pet or be a baby to get tasks.

The Task Symbols

The symbol for a new task appears at the top of your screen when you have completed it. Clicking the task symbol will bring up the map showing you the best way to get it done.

The Nursery. The nursery is located on the island at the center of the town.

Collecting pets

Adopt Me has many pets, from the common cat to the famous unicorn. There are five categories of rarity for pets: rare, rare, uncommon, rare, and ultra-rare.

First, you need to purchase an egg from the Nursery to get a pet. There are three types of eggs available, plus one random variable. The more expensive eggs have a higher chance of getting rarer pets. You will need to hatch your egg by following the same steps as the tutorial egg. Once your egg is hatched, you can see which pet you have.

This table indicates the likelihood that a pet from an egg will be a member of which rarity category.

Rarity Cracked egg (350) 500 Pet Eggs Royal Egg (1450).
Common 45% 20% 0%
Uncommon 33% 35% 25%
Rare 14,5% 27% 37%
Ultra-Rare 6% 15% 30%
Legendary 1,5% 3% 8%

Growing Your Pet

It will be a newborn when you get your pet. Your pet should be raised in the same manner as your egg. You should keep your pet active by completing tasks. The number of tasks required to reach the next level depends on your pet’s rarity. Rarer pets will need more tasks. There are five growth levels: Full-grown, Newborn, Teen, Teen, Pre-teen, and Teen. The table below shows the tasks required for a pet to reach its next growth level, according to Reddit user /IamKevio.

Reddit user u/IamKavio explains how many tasks are required to raise your pet, based on its rarity and level of growth.

Growth Level Common Uncommon Rare Ultra-rare Legendary
Newborn 3 5 10 12 13
Junior 6 9 20 25 26
Pre-Teen 11 13 30 36 38
Teen 16 18 40 47 50
Post-Teen 30 25 50 58 62

Trade pets with other players

If you already have pets that you can trade with other players you should only trade them of the same rarity. However, you can trade pets from different rarities.

You can start a trade by pressing the E button next to the player and then pressing (1). Or click with your mouse in “Trade”. If the other player agrees to the trade, this will open the trade window.

You can use the trade window to access your items and trade them with the other player by pressing the + symbol. After you have both agreed on the items to be traded, you can press the + symbol to get more items from your backpack. The trade is complete when both players click “accept trade”.

A warning Some players may not be honest. Some players will scam you out of your valuable items. To get your items, they will try to convince you to trust trade or some other similar game. These requests should be ignored and you should insist on fair and simple trades. Be wary of players who might try to convince you to give them rare or legendary pets in exchange for a few common pets. My math shows that four common pets are not enough to get a legendary pet.

Collecting items.

There are many other items that you can also collect, in addition to pets. These items include cars, strollers, and toys. You have two options to obtain items. You have two options: you can either buy gift packs and then open them to find a random item, or you can purchase specific items in the shops around the game.

Gift shopping can be exciting and fun. You could find very expensive items for a fraction of the price, but you also run the risk that you will get many of the same items.

You can also trade your items with other players, so you can buy gifts and then trade with others to get all the items. Trading items is subject to the same rules as trading pets.

A Bigger House

You will find the house you begin in very small and cramped. You can buy a larger house for a small amount of money. You can buy a larger house by going inside your home and pressing the “My Homes” button at the top.

The screen that you see now will allow you to buy a larger house. Luxury apartments cost 8000 dollars, making them the most expensive. The Futuristic House, however, is my favorite. It costs 2500 dollars.

You can have multiple houses, and you can switch them between in the “My Homes” window.

The house window. The futuristic house is 2500 dollars.

Decorate Your House

This is the most favorite part of the game for my daughter. You can spend hours designing your dream home by looking at furniture and other decorations.

This will allow you to edit your house by pressing the “Edit House” button. You can also change the floor texture and purchase decorations and furniture for your home. The only problem is that furniture cannot be moved between homes. You can’t bring a TV you bought for your starter home with you to your futuristic home.

This is why I would wait to buy expensive furniture until I could afford a home that I love.

Practical pieces of furniture

A few furniture pieces can be used for more than just decorative purposes. These furniture items are listed below along with an explanation of their uses.

Name of furniture It does exactly what it says
Cribs To complete the Tired task, you can sleep here
Piano Complete the Bored task by playing the piano
Water cooler This will allow you to complete the Thirsty Task (Baby you).
Pet water bowl This will allow you to complete the Thirsty task for your pet
Pet Food Bowl This will allow you to complete the Hungry Task (Baby you).
Pizza Dough/Toppings These items can be used to make a pizza and to complete the Hungry Task (Baby You).
Money Tree This tree can be used to make money! You can earn up to 100 dollars per day.

These are the ones that I’ve found so far. I would be grateful if you can let me know if there are any other options.

Anyway, I think this covers the basics of the game. I hope I’ve answered most of your beginner questions. You can always ask fellow players for help if you are not sure.