Advanced Guide For Raid: Shadow Legends Game

Although RAID: Shadow Legends has been around for a while, the game and its fan base continue to grow. RAID: Shadow Legends is a mobile strategy RPG that has captured the attention of both veterans and newbies with its stunning graphics, plenty of gameplay, customization options, and depth.

Your main goal is to collect heroes, form the best teams possible and progress to the next level of the game. If you want to maximize your strength, you will need to dedicate a lot of your time to grinding. Even though there are many games that will instantly increase your army’s strength and size, RAID: Shadow Legends’ story can be very entertaining for those who don’t have any subscriptions.

You will encounter intermittent halts as you progress through the story stages or dungeon challenges of increasing difficulty. As you try to increase your battle power through grinding, you have a wide range of options. We don’t have buffs and debuffs with set of rules that you can follow to increase your battle power. However, these tips and strategies will help you to navigate the maze of farming and grinding.

We have many tips and strategies that will help you prepare for battles and outsmart enemies if you are just starting to play the game. After you have mastered the game and are able to reach the power gap in campaign battles or the dungeons, continue reading for helpful tips to strengthen your team.

You Only Need Two Heroes to Complete the Campaign Stages

If you don’t have the best luck with your portal hero draw, you may struggle to obtain 3 or more star-grade heroes using Mystery Shards. While you can use 2-star heroes for the first few chapters, these heroes will not be able to feed your stronger heroes until the middle of the campaign. It is a smart idea to have at least three-star heroes. Despite the difficulty of drawing them from the portal it is possible to acquire some 3-star heroes by completing campaign stages.

There are very few chances of getting 3-star heroes if you complete stages with a team. However, the quality of the rewards you get will depend on your star rating. You can easily achieve a 3-star victory by using two of your most powerful heroes to complete campaign stages on auto mode. Each chapter in campaign mode has a different hero, so make sure you start with the most important heroes first. Then move on to the more common ones to increase your ranks.

You should rank up champions in battle starting at 3-star level and moving to 4 stars. To achieve this, you must first reach 30 star level. After that, sacrifice 3 other 3-star champions to increase the star grade of the max champion. It will take some effort to get your team to 4-star rank, even though you have been grinding through campaign missions for a while. You would also need 12 additional 3-star champions to eat. After you have earned the 3-star heroes in the campaign chapters you desire, you can return to farming campaign stages to get experience points and some equipment.

If your primary goal in grinding is not to get 3-star champions from campaign chapters, then you don’t have any reason to repeatedly challenge easy-to-reach stages for a 3-star win. You can swap out your main champions to add some 2-star champions that you want to rank up to higher food levels. You can bank on one strong champion who can complete the stage, and then bring in three others who can. As you want the grind to take as little time as possible, ensure that your champion can finish the stage in auto mode.

It is easier to acquire 2-star champions because their maximum level is 20. To rank them up to 3 stars, you will only need 2 more 2-star foods. You can quickly acquire many 3-star champions in a short time to rank up those you use in important battles. This shouldn’t mean you have to stop grinding as the maximum star rank is 6. Even if you do manage to grab one or two of the 4 or 5-star champions, it’s still a lot of work. But remember that in addition to the small chance of getting 3-star heroes along your journey, the experience points you earn through grinding campaign stages and some equipment are what make the game fun and rewarding.

For higher difficulty levels, aim to complete the Campaign Mode

You should expect to be in a slump in campaign mode early on. The entire campaign spans 12 chapters. There is also a brutal and hard mode that requires more effort but offers better rewards. You don’t want to move on to the next stage of campaign or get more experience points. Instead, you should aim to grab some 5-star gear in extreme difficulty to increase your chances of completing the difficult dungeons.

You would want 5-star gears on your champions regardless of rarity. While you can obtain a lot of rare and 3-star gears from campaign stages, they will eventually need to be replaced once you have 5-star-class gears. It’s not a good idea to farm gear in campaign before you reach and progress through the most difficult levels. However, the journey is challenging enough that you can equip your champions with any gear you find along the way. Keep in mind that later you will swap out gears that are less than 5-star quality.

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You should plan ahead about the stats of the gear that you want to purchase for your champions. Given the fact that you only have a limited amount of equipment slots and the chances of actually getting the gear you want, it can be more difficult to get the right equipment with the right stats or star grades than just settling for the champions on your team.

Progress through the Dungeons

The rewards in the Dungeons are similar to Campaign Stages. They provide you with arcane potions that you can use to assimilate your heroes, mastery scrolls that you can use to strengthen and customize each champion, and better gears for champions. You must have a 5-champion team ready before you can begin the dungeons. Each member of your team should be sufficiently geared up to allow you to finish even the most difficult levels.

Dungeon levels are more difficult than campaign stages. Even on the first levels, it is possible to struggle to succeed. Except for the Spider’s Den, which is uniquely set up, dungeon stages are similar to campaign stages. You will first battle through two sets of regular mobs and then face the boss. If you have trouble getting through the mob waves then you should power up your champions before you push to go further.

Strategy is key. Make sure your champion supports the party with buffs and healing, as well as crowd control abilities that debuff bosses and enemies. These skills can make a huge difference in your party’s success, especially at higher levels.

You will need to grind hard and get power up in order to make the most of RAID: Shadow Legends’ dungeons. Once you have sufficient power from the campaign mode, consider moving on to the next level. You should spend your energy only on dungeons in order to complete quests or missions, and not for additional rewards.

You can earn extra rewards by completing missions, quests and challenges

You don’t have to grind and farm just to get your daily energy. You can also earn extra rewards in-game by completing quests, missions, and challenges. Check out the icons at the lower left of the screen to see the complete list. You can easily complete some, particularly daily quests by simply following your normal activities within the game. You can also earn many rewards that will help you progress faster. You can also work for items that are very hard to find through other methods.

These quests and challenges are not the only ones you can take part in. There are also limited-time events that you can benefit from. These events will be identified by icons and countdown timesrs at the upper right of the screen whenever they are available. To claim rare and valuable rewards, make sure you carefully review the objectives.

We still have a lot to cover in the complex world of RAID Shadow Legends. Perhaps we will return with an additional guide once we have explored the game more deeply and discovered the secrets it holds. This is the end of our advanced guide to RAID: Shadow Legends. As with many strategy RPGs, RAID: Shadow Legends’ progression is dependent on how much time you have available and how committed you are to the game. You should make it a priority to engage in battles among the many choices available to you in RAID: Shadow Legends, following our prioritization guidelines. We would love to hear from you if you have any other relevant strategies or tips that we haven’t mentioned.