10 Unpopular Opinions About Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V has been a huge success, both in terms of sales and popularity, but also in terms of its scope. It allows players to explore an imaginary Los Angeles filled with small details.

GTAV was the first game to be developed by Rockstar. It is still the most popular game, with its boundary-pushing, free-roaming games . No other game has enjoyed such longevity. It is still a huge game, but it has many critics. Even the most avid fans have their opinions on the satirical epic.

10 The Story is a Step Backwards

One felt that the story of GTA V was an improvement over its predecessor. Rockstar does not look back. Each successive game is different and has a lot of great storytelling.

Even though they are the same series, the stories are entirely different. The story of GTAIV tells the dark tale about an ex-soldier who moves to the USA to pursue his American dream. GTAV is about Americans born and raised who still enjoy crime.

9 Sleeping Dogs Is Better Than GTA V

The Grand Theft Auto series is a favorite of many copycats. While there are many GTA clones with the same gameplay and open-world exploration, none of them can match the original.

A small minority of believe Sleeping Dogs to be better than and all games, arguing that it has superior driving controls, shooting mechanics, story, and story. Sleeping Dogs may have a similar shooting mechanics to GTA V, but GTA often lacks in this area.

8 The Multiple Protagonists Is Not A Good Idea

GTAV was the first game to have more than one character. They all had unique quirks and completely different personalities. Some fans believe because there were three characters and not enough time for them all, it felt like Michael didn’t have any character development.

Trevor will remain the same psychotic Trevor. Each character had their own unique abilities. Fans loved the fact that players could switch between the characters at any level.

7 The Map is Too Big

There are many things to be unhappy about. Fans would never think that the huge size of the map would cause problems. It’s not like the quality has dropped in some areas because of the large size. Every inch is incredibly detailed, and there are many things that gamers still don’t know they can do .

There are many random events that occur in the game. They are unique to each player depending on their location and how they got there. This Redditor feels they should stick with games that have smaller maps. They even complained that GTA IV’s map was too large compared to GTA 5.

6 The Satire Isn’t Over

one fan makes the claim that there was too much humor in GTA V.

Following GTA IV, which was generally darker than other games, Rockstar used GTAV to make snarky jokes and silly references to thousands upon thousands of movies. Redditor savors the humor and believes it improves the game.

5 Trevor would have made the game better.

One of the greatest things about the characters is the fact that so many are played by well-known actors. However, GTA VI was made possible by Rockstar, who didn’t have to use familiar voices to make their characters stand out. Trevor is a fan favorite, a manic with a crystal meth laboratory and a frightening temper. He also has many of the best quotes.

One critic said that the character was too over-the-top and that his introduction had ruined the relationship between Michael & Franklin in the first act.

4 GTA V Is Still The Most Popular Game After 8 Years. That’s a Good Thing

It’s been eight years since GTA IV was released. Fans are eager for GTAVI and will likely be storming Rockstar headquarters anytime soon. Some are content with the eight-year-old game, despite rumors and false updates.

Despite the fact that the map is massive and there are so many things to do it, you can be sure that hardcore gamers have discovered every possible secret over the eight years.

3 Modders Make the Game More Fun

Eight years is a long time to stay with one game. The modding community has enjoyed adding new features to GTA V, whether it’s the Delorean from Back to the Future, or the ability to fly in a flying saucer.

The modding community is small compared to the millions who play the game. Those millions would prefer the game to remain the original. The Redditor makes a great point. GTA IV has been improved by modders since its release. GTA V PS4 Modded Accounts are available here.

2 GTA Online is a better option than single player DLC.

Rockstar’s investment with GTA paid off. The game has made billions of dollars for the developer, and has been ranked as one of the most costly video games. Despite the advantages of online play, many people still prefer playing alone.

GTA IV had a lot of downloadable content. GTA VI has a very limited amount. This fan is happy to endure all the micro-transactions, waiting for other players to join and getting DLC.

1 Everyone Should Stop Playing It, So Rockstar Release A Brand New Game

Although it might not be popular, this hot take is still a valid one. A low-key gamer attempts to start a rebellion within the GTA community. The game has been available for so long that it is now available on three generations of consoles.

The Redditor tried to prevent people from playing GTA so that Rockstar would release GTAVI. It doesn’t work that way, but it’s a nice attempt.