Characteristics That Are Important In Search Of A Great Web Designer

You might feel overwhelmed if you are looking for a web designer. There are many websites offering advertising design services. How can you avoid being scammed, or getting ripped off by a designer?

Many of my friends told me that they aren’t sure what questions to ask potential designers. One friend summarized her experience in this way:

I’ve found that this is a common feeling among designers and clients. However, it is something you can work around. With a little bit more information on the qualities that you should be looking for, you can find a web design who can meet your needs without losing your mind.

Here are some distinctions

Before we discuss what to look out for in a designer let’s first talk about the differences between a developer and implementer. Although these labels aren’t necessarily set in stone, knowing them will help you determine the type of professional that you need.

A web designer is someone who designs the look and feel for your website. The ecommerce website developer singapore will help you choose colors and logos, as well as discuss layouts for pages. They will also create mockups, which are images of the final website. Web design is not just about creating beautiful pictures. A designer must be knowledgeable about concepts such as calls to action and organizing the content. They should also know how to set up layouts that meet your goals.

A web designer is someone who uses mockups from a designer to create a functional website. Your website may be built using WordPress (here’s what it should be). The developer can modify an existing template or theme to match the mockups or create a new theme. Developers can also help troubleshoot and add functionality to existing websites.

A implementer may be somewhere in between a developer and a designer. The person may work with you to select a theme that you like and install it along with any plugins. Once the site is finished, he/she will teach you how to manage it. Although it is usually cheaper to hire an implementer than a designer or developer, your project might require something that an implementer cannot provide. Hiring an implementer isn’t necessarily a bad choice. It all depends on your needs and the budget that you have.

This is why it matters

People often think that they need to hire a web designer, but they might actually need a developer, implementer or a combination of all three. It’s crucial to determine the skills and services that you need before you begin looking.

Let’s take, for example, that I want to open a pet grooming company. A website that does the following is required:

  • Tell people about my business
  • Customers can schedule appointments
  • Encourage people to sign-up for my mailing list in order to receive information (discounts etc. Pet owners in the region
  • If you have any questions, please let me know.

This is a fairly standard list of requirements. I can choose to work with either an implementer or a team to help me get the job done. It’s unlikely that I will need a custom-designed website. There are many WordPress plugins that allow for appointment scheduling, email opt ins, and contact forms.

Another example: I own a pet grooming business and would like to sell products (shampoos, treats, toys etc.). You can register for obedience classes by visiting my website. These are the new features I will need to add:

  • Ecommerce and SSL using a payment gateway
  • Inventory management that syncs with the physical and online stores
  • Advanced scheduling allows for (1) grooming appointments as well (2) obedience classes with a restricted number of registrations
  • Different access levels for employees and team members who might need to log in to the website to process orders

My project suddenly became more complex. While there may be solutions, I might need something made specifically for my site. This case will likely require the services of a developer and possibly a designer, depending on how the new functionality will fit into my existing design.

Do you still need to hire web designers? Here are some things to consider.

Here are five things you should consider if you have read this far and still need a designer to design your website.

1. Does the style of the designer match my vision for my website?

Look through the portfolios of some designers and take note of details such as layouts, colors, logos. It’s a lot like shopping for clothes: some designs will grab your attention more than others. It doesn’t make sense for you to hire someone who has a portfolio that looks back to 1995 if you want a modern website.

2. After I have approved the design, who will build my website? This is included in the price?

A lot of designers work with developers to ensure that clients only pay one price for design and development. Some may offer mockups that must be transferred to another location in order to be coded into a site. Both are fine. However, you should be aware of the cost involved so that you can budget accordingly.

3. What type of maintenance and upkeep does my website need? Do I have to hire someone or can I do it myself?

Websites aren’t a one-time expense. Ah, well. WEBSITES ARE NOT A ONE TIME COST. Without certain ongoing expenses, you can’t make a million or even hundreds of thousands of dollars online. Websites must be maintained, especially if third-party plugins or software are required to work. You can either have your designer offer maintenance services, or they may refer you to someone who does. Or you can learn how to maintain your website yourself.

4. What type of design files can I expect to receive?

Your designer should send you mockups in either PSD or AI formats. An editable version of your logo should be provided in either PSD, AI or EPS. You should also have permission to use designer’s licenses depending on whether premium fonts or graphics are used in your design. It is your responsibility to locate that information. Do not rely on others to tell you how fonts and graphics are licensed.

5. Are revisions and changes possible with the designer? How much does it cost?

You are hiring a web designer to work on a project that is defined in the contract. If there is no contract, run screaming. However, this doesn’t mean that the designer has to offer unlimited services. You should know upfront what fees you will incur for changes or new layouts. Rates can change over time. The rates that a designer gave you in 2015 may not be the same rates in 2018!

Are you not asking the right questions? A designer may not be necessary for you!

If you are reading this thinking, It is possible that you will need both a developer and a designer. These labels can overlap so it’s not possible to say exactly what you need. It is important to understand the scope of the project and the functionality you want. This will help you find the best professional to assist you.