Jack Rabbit Trading Post
Jack Rabbit Trading Post
The Jack Rabbit Trading Post, Route 66 and Arizona's most famous Trading Post.
Look for our "Here It Is" signage.
Welcome to The Jack Rabbit Trading Post World famous trading post on Route 66.
We have Route 66 souvenirs and curios. Authentic Indian arts and crafts and Minnetonka Moccasins.

Antonio, the owner, has stocked up on great Jack Rabbit® shirts, sweatshirts, boxer shorts and much more.

Jack Rabbit Trading Post was started in 1949 by Jim Taylor and his wife. He leased the business for most of the years he had it. Cindy's granddad, Glenn Blansett, leased the store in 1961 and then bought it in 1967. He was just getting out of the senate so we were lucky for that because he helped to get the access ramps off I-40. In 1969, Cindy's parents, Phil and Pat Blansett bought the Jack Rabbit from Cindy's granddad. They had the store for 26 years. Until Tony and Cindy bought it from them in 1995.

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Jack Rabbit Trading Post
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Joseph City, Arizona 86032

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